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The Bielawski group is focused on molecular evolution, phylogenetics and genomics. At the moment the research is entirely computational, involving model development, simulation, and analysis of real data. The approach is statistical, making use of maximum likelihood and Bayesian methods. The unifying theme of all this is the study of adaptation and diversification at the molecular genetic level.

There are many exciting challenges in modern biology that, due to their exceptional complexity, can only be met through an integration of biological, mathematical, and computer science disciplines. Dalhousie University is particularly strong in each of these areas. The interdisciplinary environment at Dalhousie is excellent, and a wide variety of academic options are available to students wishing to focus their academic program on molecular evolution and genomics.


    Life Sciences Centre
    Room 7056,
    Dalhousie University
    Halifax, Nova Scotia


    Dalhousie University
       Department of Biology
       Department of Mathematics & Statistics
    Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR)
       Evolutionary Biology Program
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