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Awarnach is the Bielawski group's computing cluster. It originally ran 64bit Solaris, but was updated in 2009 to run FreeBSD.

Hardware and General Configuration

Awarnach has a Sun Fire X40z master node (two dual core Opteron 2.0GHz 870 CPUs and 16GB of RAM). Currently there there are 20 compute nodes, 19 with dual core Opteron 270 CPUs (2.2GHz), 4GB of RAM, and two fast, hardware mirrored 73GB disks and one “super node” with four 12-core 6348 CPUs and 256 GB of Ram. So, there are a total of 19*2*2 + 1*12*4 = 124 cores.

Storage space is NFS mounted from our storage server: an Asus RS300-E7-PS4 1U Server with an E3-1230V2 Xeon CPU, four Intel 60GB SSD (520 Series) and an LSI 9205-8e SAS controller connecting to a Supermicro SC847E16-RJB0D1 JBOD containing 10 WD30EFRX 2TB Hard Drives in a ZFS raidz3 pool.

Storage Space, NFS and AMD

Each user's home directory is located on the storage server and nfs-mounted from the nodes.

Job Scheduling

Job scheduling is handled with Grid Engine.

The Name Awarnach

The name Awarnach comes from the name of a giant in Arthurian legend.

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