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The aim of this course is to examine the principles and processes of evolutionary change at the molecular level.  The course begins with the topic of mutation, and moves on to the dynamics of genetic variation in populations.  The course then shifts to a marcro-evolutionary perspective and examines topics in protein phenotypic variation, adaptive molecular evolution, molecular clocks, evolution by genetic co-option, and paleomolecular biochemistry. This class provides an important foundation for advanced study of molecular evolution in classes such as BIOl 4041 (Bioinformatics) and BIOL 4010 (Genes and Genomes).


Course offering: Listing:  BIOL 3046  [3rd year undergraduate]
Term:  Fall 2018
Location:  LSC, room C216
Time:  2:35 - 3:55
Format:  Lecture


Molecular evolution at Dalhousie:  There are many exciting challenges in modern biology that, due to their exceptional complexity, can only be met through an integration of biological, mathematical, and computer science disciplines.  Dalhousie University is particularly strong in each of these areas, with a set of research groups in molecular evolution and genomics that is hard to match. The interdisciplinary environment at Dalhousie is excellent, and a wide variety of academic options are available to students wishing to focus their academic program on molecular evolution and genomics. Follow the link for more information about Molecular Evolution, comparative Genomics, and Evolutionary Bioinformatics as Dalhousie.
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