PAML Lab resources

2018 Workshop on Molecualr Evolution at the MBL

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Useful documents

You can download the necessary files from an archive

You can download individual files here.

The PAML lab slides: PamlDemo.pdf.

Here is a copy of the book chapter that accompanies the lab exercises: Book_Chapter.pdf.

Here is a copy of the PAML user manual: pamlDOC.pdf.

Here is a copy of the PAML FAQ user manual: pamlFAQs.pdf.

Here is a copy of the paper for PAML4: Yang2007MBE.

A book chapter inlcuding a discussion of workflow, experimental design and best practices: UNIT6.15.pdf.

An example of a 2-phase approach to "best practices" focused on quality control and robustness: BakerGenetics2016.

A comprehensive review of the major inference challeneges under codon models: Jones InPress.

Lecture slides part 1 and part 2: [link]

Lecture sleides part 3: [link]

Useful links

Very helpful Chi-Square calculator on-line: Chi-Square Calculator

My home page (shamefully out of date):

Ziheng Yang's page:

PAML page:

HyPhy page: http//

DataMonkey Adaptive Evolution Server:

COLD program documentation and download:

The PAML Dicussion Group (Google group):!forum/pamlsoftware.